Heart Disease

Our newest cavvie Charlie, had his specialist visit this week, with the wonderful Richard Woolley. Charlie has been diagnosed with mild Pulmonic Stenosis, grade 3 murmur, and as cavvie owners should know, something that will not get better, but should stay stable throughout his life.

Heart issues are quite prevalent in a lot of cavvies we get in, so it is absolutely something potential adopters should study up on prior to adopting or even when buying through breeders.

Degenerative Valve Disease or Mitral Valve Disease (DVD/MVD) is another very common cavvie issue. For more information on dog heart disease chat to your own vet, and read a little more here http://cprvictoria.com.au/disease-explanations.html

A huge thank you to Richard for getting Charlie in so quickly and generally being so amazing with the little munchkin.

Little Charlie

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