Max – Victoria – Adopted

Hi my name is Max and I’m looking for my new forever home.

I am looking for a home that understands that I have a bit of anxiety and would really love to be the centre of your universe … I mean, look at me.

I am look for a home with adults and perhaps high school aged humans and I also need my new humans to be around a lot. My new humans need to also understand that sometimes I can be a bit naughty and talk a lot but it’s only because I want to protect you from strangers … or a bird … or that doggy barking on the telly!

I am good with other dogs in my home, but my introduction needs to be slow and supervised and I need a calm environment to help me be the best ever boy.

Cuddling on the couch is my favorite activity only second to sleeping next to your feet. I will cuddle all day if I am allowed. I like a car ride and the vet isn’t a scary place, in fact I like them there, they give me treats.

I am reactive to other dogs when I am out walking on my lead. I don’t mean to sound angry but my anxiety makes me do this. I would love humans who can help me with this, but I need you to be a very patient person, also if you have anxiety too about this it could make me react more.

If I am an only doggo boy then I will need to sleep in the human bed or I will cry as I get lonely. If I have a canine friend and we sleep in another room, you will need to be patient with me while I adjust. There will probably be some nights where I cry a little, it’s scary for me in a new place.

I really am a good boy, but I really, really need a family who have time and patience and can be okay with me chatting a little to start while we work together on my manners and when to use my indoor voice versus outdoor voice.

Medical Notes
Max has grade two patella on his back left leg, that is not causing any pain or issues with his mobility at present, but it is something to be mindful of for the future.

No heart murmur picked up on vet assessment.

Location: Victoria – no interstate adoption
Age: Max is 4 Years
Adoption fee: $800 
Microchip: 956000006265070
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes