ADOPTED – Gracie

Gracie is a very sweet younger cavalier who is looking for a very special home for her forever home.

She came into care need major knee surgery on both patellas, one of her knees was theGracie 1 worst the vet had seen, the other terrible but not as bad.  She has had both surgeries done and will need ongoing physical therapy (massages, swimming, gentle exercise) as it will take quite a while to get her walking normally again.

She is fully recovered from surgeries, she just walks a little funny still, and can only go for very small gentle walks still, this will increase over time.  Gracie is genuinely the sweetest girl you could ever meet and she will need a family that can make her the centre of their world.

Gracie would like a home with no cats, as she likes to chase, another dog would be wonderful, she likes gentle kids, not too boisterous, she would love a big fluffy bed by your feet to relax in, she isn’t one to be up on couches or beds (or sleeping on the bed) as she may damage her knees again, so we need a family that can be very strict with this – even with her puppy dog eyes.

Important Information:  Gracie will need ongoing support with her knees, gentle exercise, swimming, even massages – she will have arthritis as she gets older, so this is something to bare in mind so she will need a good diet and potentially supplements.