Bentley – South Australia – No Further Applications

Bentley is a handsome chap we think you’ll all agree, and we are now looking for his forever humans.

Bentley is looking for a home where someone is home a lot. He would love another gentle canine companion to share his time with as he does get a bit noisy if left alone. He loves his comfy bed in a quiet place, hes not an in your face cuddly boy,he prefers to initiate cuddles on his own terms. For this reason we will not be rehoming him with children under 12.

Bentley is definitely a connoisseur of all healthy doggy foods,and he does have food aggression. This means he will always need to be fed separately to other dogs, and supervised with treats or food toys. The other doggy he lives with will need to be non food aggressive.

Bentley is a morning doggo loves a routine, daily walks are a must for this boy,he loves going out to stretch his legs. He likes to tell everyone how excited he is when his lead comes out, and behaves himself on walks unless there is a bird around then he gets a bit excited, nothing that cant be worked on with consistent positive reinforced training.

Bentley has no major health issues,only a low grade heart murmur which will need to be monitored.

Location: South Australia (no interstate adoptions for Bentley)
Age: 6

Adoption Fee: $700
Microchip number: 900113001895644
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm Treated: Yes