Annie- No Further Applications

Annie is a beautiful, healthy, super sweet lady looking for her forever humans.

Annie llllllloves face to face cuddles, the kind that’s so close and comforting that you just melt. She loves to sleep on her foster mum on the couch at TV time and would need her forever humans to love full body cuddles too.

Annie is a healthy and active lady at 8 years old. She has recently had dental surgery and has no health concerns.

This girl doesn’t have the genetic selective hearing disorder that most Cavaliers have….she has great listening skills! She is an active and responsive girl, and absolutely loves her daily walks along with play time. She will benefit from up to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

She is very well behaved on lead, but does get a bit excited when she sees birds and other dogs, so her human needs to continue working with her on distraction techniques. Her active mind would benefit greatly from more training – especially mental enrichment toys and tasks.

Annie does have a prey drive for smaller animals (rodents, birds potentially rabbits etc) so she will need to go to a home with no pocket pets (Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Chooks etc). She is however VERY dog friendly, and would be suited to a home as an only dog or one with another easy going doggo.

She requires regular grooming to keep her coat beautiful, and as an active lady its in her best interests to keep her coat groomed short. Annie loves her food, but only high quality. She is thriving on a mixed diet of balanced raw and home made cooked meals and dehydrated treats. She is not a fan of dry food (can you blame her when she has a gourmet meal served up twice a day!).

Annie is a gentle beautiful girl who will need a human who is ok with sharing their bed. She likes to sleep on the bed, or in it (if she’s feeling a bit cold or nervous). She does have anxiety with fireworks and thunder (like a lot of dogs) and requires a safe and comforting human or two who will be there for cuddles and reassurance when those big nasty noises are made. Annie is truly a beautiful lady and deserves the very best humans to love.

Location: South Australia
Age: 8 Years
Adoption fee: $800 
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
Microchip number: 941000015211698