Banjo might be classified as a senior dog….but don’t let his age fool you….he still has loads of energy and love to give!

He needs some patient people who are willing to go slowly with him and teach him how Banjo SAto be a part of a normal household. He is very adventurous and loves to explore and get his nose in to things, only because he hasn’t had the chance to ever be part of an inside family household until now.

He reacts so well to training – and is super food oriented, so will pretty much learn anything for a treat or three. He requires some reassurance and understanding as he settles, but will come out of his shell and start bouncing around when he feels comfortable in his new surroundings.

Banjo loves going for walks, nice short ones a couple of times a day suits him best as he builds up his fitness level. Stopping to smell the roses is one of his favourite things to do! He has been an outside dog his whole life, but is taking to being an inside family dog like a duck to water!

Banjo SA2He llllllloves being a couch potato with his favourite people, having a soft place to stretch out and take long naps is important to him. Banjo is slowly building up his confidence, he loves to quietly creep up for a cuddle and then let you know when you’ve stopped patting him with a gentle paw. He isn’t a fan of having his paws touched, but has already come so far with his boundaries, so he will only continue to progress with the right people. He is working really hard on his toilet training, and is even learning to let his foster carers know when he needs to go out….he’s even recently learned to use the doggy door! Clever boy! Who said you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks? People who don’t know Banjo, that’s who!

His new people need to commit to teaching Banjo new tricks and guidelines, he doesn’t know how to do this stuff on his own, so he needs a patient person who is willing to help him be the best he can be. He would love to sleep on the bed or next to the bed of his new humans, he is a great little side kick and will be a loyal boy to his favourite people. If you’re looking for a gorgeous little face to greet you when you get home, a personality that will never be boring, and a special little buddy who is super inquisitive then Banjo is your man!

We are ideally looking for a person/people who are home a lot, who can give him loads of love and patience and help him realise that life is great and there are so many cool things to discover. Like a lot of dogs Banjo is not suitable to be homes with young children. He is good with other dogs, but will best suit a home with a laid back easy going dog, or be the only dog. He takes food time seriously and like most dogs does possess some food aggressive behaviours, which is easy to overcome by just feeding separately from other dogs. MUST have a very secure home and outdoor space. He will find things you never knew were there, and will want to find a way out if he gets bored.

Age: 10 Years
Adoption fee: $500
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes
Microchip number: 978000001454124
Banjo is being fostered in S.A. and will not be up for interstate adoption
Adoption Process: Adoption Process
Application Form: Adoption Application