Meet the beautiful little man known as Diesel and this little heart breaker is looking for some humans to save.

Diesel is looking for a home where he has human company home a lot, ie retired, work from home as he doesn’t love to be away from his humans for long. He is a very needy little snuggle pot.

Diesel has grown up an only dog, but gets along with other dogs … but he is a bit of a humper. This has eased a lot since his desexing and settling into foster care with other dogs, so it would absolutely something that his new humans, if they have a canine sibling, must be able to cope with as he settles in.

He loves to go for walks and is great in the car. He is a very little boy at just over 6kgs, so smaller walks to begin with as he learns all about you and his new surroundings.

Diesel would love to do nothing but snuggle on your lap and cuddle, he is also great at sleeping by your feet while you work, if you are working from home. He is sleeping on the couch currently, with his foster sibling, but he would be super excited to be allowed on the human bed.

He is not cat friendly and will need some positive reinforcement training with his toileting in a new environment. He has mastered the doggie door and does love a play in the yard, but then he is quick to come back to you for more cuddles.

Medical Notes
Diesel has had a recent dental and is quite fussy with food, he is currently on Blackhawk food and would need two feeds a day to put some good weight on.

He has a very mild heart murmur, around grade one at this stage.

Behavioural Notes
Diesel must have humans around a lot, he cannot be an only dog if there are no other dogs for company.