Louie – No Further Applications

Louie is a very special little man who is full of life and has a lot of attitude.

Louie is a boy who would love to have his humans around a lot of the time, you either work from home, are retired or can even take him to work with you. He is a little unsure of the tiny variety of human, so a grown up household or children of high school age would suit him best.

He will let you know if breakfast is not on time and will also let you know if you leave the house and forget to take him – he gets pretty vocal about it, just incase you missed his point.

He likes to be nearby all the time, sleep by your feet or on the couch – he can’t reach the couch or jump off, so he will need a servant to help him out there.

He is not a lover of cats, he is okay with dogs once he’s settled in, he can be a little on the bossy side, but soon realises we are all on this big crazy spinning planet together …. but he will walk over other canine pals to sit on your lap.

He gets super excited for walks or trips in the car, it’s zoomie circles all the way there! In the car he likes to sing the song of his people, he is now partial to the group BTS, and is great on his lead … for about 10 steps then plonks on the floor and waits to be carried. So very short walks when he feels like it will work for him – alternatively lots of pottering around the yard with you would be great.

He is toilet trained, but can still have accidents inside, so ongoing positive reinforcement training is needed … and a lot of patience.

Medical Notes

Louie is going to be a boy that is in need of life long care due to his skin issues.

He is having monthly injections of Cytopoint, medicated baths of Pyohex shampoo and conditioner 2 to 3 times a week and is on a specialty diet of Prime 100. This will not magically stop, it will be ongoing care and regular visits to the vet. As this is a pre existing issue, most pet insurances will not cover.

Louie has had both left and right patella surgeries while in care, one had to be redone as he was clever enough to break his pins, he is now all healed and loving life.

He will also need a weekly ear clean due to his skin issues to keep on top of any ear infections that may arise.

If you think you might be “the one” for Louie and you have read through his medical notes and understand the costs involved, please complete an application form, link below.

Location: Victoria – no interstate adoption for Louie
Age: 6.5yrs
Adoption fee: $800
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
Microchip number: 956000004880110