ADOPTED – Charlie – Vic

Please read medical notes before applying via link below.
Cheeky Charlie is a bundle of energy who is looking for an experienced doggy owner for his new human to save.Lil Charlie
He will need ongoing positive reinforcement training and someone who is willing to put in lots of time to training, to get lots of love in return.

He is looking for a home with a very secure yard, as he is a very small dog, he is fine with other dogs, but needs a doggie pal who won’t put up with his short man attitude.  He needs a home that is going to let him know that he is not the boss (cause he likes to think he is)

He would love daily walks, with lots of play time, he needs toys that are not plastic, because he loves to chew, and will sometime eat the plastic which is not ideal.  He will need a lap to snuggle on, and a bed in the laundry with his doggy buddy.

He needs a home with no small children, high school age and above, cats he is okay with as long as kitty will put him in the pecking order, if you have a submissive cat, he is not the doggie for you.  He will also need continual positive reinforcement with his toilet training, he is going wonderfully now, but will need to be watched in a new environment.

He is not for the faint of heart, or someone looking for the sweet placid cavalier, he is a bundle of fun who needs guidance and boundaries.

Charlie has a grade 3 pulmonic stenosis, heart murmur (  He has seen specialist, Richard Woolley, and this murmur will now stablise, and not get worse in the coming years, but as he gets to a older age, he will have heart issues, which is something to keep in mind long term, especially the costs of medication.