Dixie is a very sweet natured cavalier girl who is looking for a very, very special home.

Dixie came into care with a history of siezures, we have completed all medical tests and have had a diagnosis of a mild Chiari malformation, which now with medication, lets her lead a normal life but her new humans must understand that this could change as she gets older. Daily medications are a must for her and have her siezures under control at this point.

She would love a home where she can come out on daily walks with you, ride along in the car or just snuggle on you lap – lap snuggles are her favorite of all past times.


She would be best suited to a home where she has humans around a lot of the day and she would be very happy with a canine brother or sister. Dixie is a gentle soul and will need a relaxed environment with dog savvy humans that are well versed in medical needs. Seizures are not for the feint of heart, and they are in no way a death sentence, but they are something that definitely needs ongoing management.

She would love to sleep on the humans bed, but is happy to snuggle on a big dog bed in the lounge or on the couch with a canine sibling.

She is toilet trained but will need some positive reinforcement training in a new environment as there may be some accidents in a new environment. Cats have her curious, a very slow introduction would be necessary and your cat would need to be very dog savvy.

Medical Notes
Dixie has a history of seizures. We’ve had MRI completed and she has a mild Chiari malformation which is now under control with daily medication. This will need to have regular check ups, as there may be the potential for seizures to begin again over time at that point her medication can be altered.

We have ruled out epilepsy at this point as her seizures are under control with her current medication (Losec 10mg daily).