Jimmy – Victoria – Adopted

Jimmy is a beautiful big boy who is looking for new humans to save.

He is quite the gentleman who loves nothing more than to be around his humans and be very much part of the family and is also a great home office supervisor.

He is looking for a home with humans around a bit or another canine pal to keep him company. He has grown up around a cat, however a nice slow introduction would be key.

Jimmy will need a good secure yard, he does like to chat to the neighbours if he can see or hear them, but will come when called.

Jimmy is reactive on his lead out on walks, this presents as barking and growling, not in an aggressive way, but if another dog doesn’t quite understand his anxiety, it can be misconstrued. He will need a family who has patience and experience in training and continue with positive reinforcement training. Jimmy is great in the car and a perfect gentleman at the vet, he is just over excited when out on walks.

He is a lovely boy who loves to snuggle in big fluffy dog beds, is partial to Netflix and Disney. He is toilet trained and can use a dog door, but being a new environment he may need a little help and training.

Medical Notes
He has had both left and right patella surgeries as a young boy so he will have arthritis as he gets older, so supplements and a good diet is a must for this boy.

He has recently had a major dental will need nice chewies and bones to keep his teeth in pristine condition.

No heart murmurs picked up on vet assessment.

Location: Victoria – no interstate adoption
Age: Jimmy is 6 Years
Adoption fee: $800 
Microchip: 985170003050786
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes