Marley & Millie – No Further Applications

Meet Marley and Millie, a beautiful bonded pair that are looking for their forever humans to save. This cheeky team are looking for a family that can make them an integral part of the family, taking them on daily walks, outings to the shops, be part of their holidays and essentially be the fluffy glue that keeps humans and doggos together.

Marley is a gentle soul who loves to be told that he is the goodest boy, loves smooches and curling up with a good book or Netflix and you. He exists for the purpose of loving you and will follow you everywhere.

Millie too loves to snuggle and spend nights on the couch, with the heater on, binging her fave shows. She is a little bit more independent, but still loves to be nearby.

Millie does love a chat with the neighbours, birds and leaves if they look like they may attack the house, you won’t need a pesky doorbell with her around. She would benefit from some continual. consistent positive reinforcement training.

Breakfast is both Marley and Millie’s favorite time of day and they also love to go for walks together, stopping to tell everyone how pretty they are and how they need a pat, just because. They are great in the car with very good car safety practices needed, crate or clipped into their harness.

Of an evening this beautiful pair are happy to sleep in their big fluffy beds in either your room or the lounge room … hey even the humans bed is a great place to get a snuggly nights sleep.

They are toilet trained but will need a little help, positive reinforcement and patience in a new environment.

Marley and Millie are not cat friendly so no feline friends please and they would love to be the only doggies together in your house so they can have all of the love, cuddles and pats there are to offer.

Both Marley and Millie have just had dentals and had a clean and extractions and have been given a clean bill of health.

Location: Victoria – no interstate adoption
Age: Marley 6yrs and Millie 5yrs
Adoption fee: $1600 together 
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
Microchip number: Marley 956000005411545 and Millie 956000006256015
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