Benson – Adopted

Benson is a beautiful boy with a lot of love to go around.Benson 1

He is looking for humans that are around a lot, ie  working from home or work part time and can spend lots of time with him walking, playing and generally making him the centre of the universe.

He loves to play with kids, school age and older are fine, he can be too bouncy for toddlers.  He loves snuggles, hanging out with his humans and just being around you.  He is fine with other dogs, but can be bossy with food, so he would need to be watched around feeding time and would to learn to share his humans with consistent, positive reinforcement training.

Benson needs a big, very secure yard and a doggie door so he can have access to the house at all times should you not be there for him to love on and so he can have plenty of room to play.  He needs a bed either nearby or with you and he is definitely an indoorsy kind of boy.

His toilet training is going very well, but again, he will need to be given lots of positive reinforcement in a new environment.  No cats please.