Prince Phillip – No Further Applications

Hi everypawdy! My name is Prince Phillip! I also like to be called Philly, Fry and Philby…..don’t worry….its normal for Royals to have lots of names.

My previous humans contacted these cool chick’s at Cavalier Rescue because they knew I needed more than they could give me. I’ve been in foster care with some really fun people and a foster sister doggo and have realllllly loved it,but it’s time for these peeps to find me some forever humans.

I am a happy, bright, outgoing, playful 10 year old chap with a huge cheeky smile and a real zest for life. My tail wags my butt, seriously sometimes I can’t even keep up with what that tail does, I’m just SO happy!

I love my daily walks, 30 minutes is enough for me in nice weather – no walkies in hot weather thanks….that’s yucky for my heart and short legs. These people tell me I pull on my lead, but whatever…. I just love walking alright!? I love to yell across the street at other doggos. I can’t help myself, I just get SO excited to see other happy doggos out walking I MUST yell HELLLLOOOO at them. I’m friendly like that. I also like to yell at ducks, but it’s not like they’re anywhere anyway so that really isn’t an issue.

I’m really good at doing my wee wee’s outside, and love sticking to my routine. Which involves waking the humans of the household up with a lick across the face in the morning. I’m a bit of a stalker, I follow the people all over the house, I really like hanging out in the bathroom for shower and human wee wee’s time too….that’s not creepy….is it?

Things I love:
Belly rubs
Not listening (I’m good at picking and choosing what I want to listen to)
Going outside in the rain
Waffles and pancakes and all that delicious human stuff (they keep limiting me which isn’t cool bit they tell me it’s not good for me….pfft!)
Living with another small friendly doggo who likes to play
Exploring Food Playing with toys – especially fetch Attending zoom meetings

Things I don’t like:
Big dogs staring at me
Big dogs through fences
Small noisy kids
Thunder storms
Not being fed

I’ve got a Grade 3 heart murmur, so they give me a tablet twice a day, I’m totally cool with it. The animal doctor gave my teeth a really good clean, man they feel good! I’m really excited to find my forever humans. Some people might think I’m an older gent but that’s not true, I’m totally young in spirit and am a crazy super happy boy. I can’t wait to wag my wriggly butt for some super cool, and super loving humans, so if I sound like the sort of Prince you’ve been looking for make sure you apply to adopt me.

Location: South Australia – no interstate adoption
Age: Max is 10 Years
Adoption fee: $700 
Microchip: 953010004913774
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes