George – Adopted

George is a beautiful little man with a lot of energy and love to go around.

George came into care with his elderly human passed away so now he is looking for higeorgie 1s forever human to love him for the rest of his days.

He needs humans that are around a lot, either working from home or even semi-retired. He is a bit of a pocket rocket, loves to play, snuggle and just hang out with his humans.  He would love a fur brother or sister to hang out with, older children are okay as he is quite bouncy and can be very in your face for small people, kind of a mini bulldozer, kids of high school age or older please.

Loves his food, needs a very secure yard and a doggie door so he can have access to the house at all times should you not be there for him to love on.  He needs a bed either nearby or in the lounge room where he can make sure.

His toilet training is going very well, but he will need to be given lots of positive reinforcement in a new environment.  No cats please as he thinks they are fun to chase.