Henry – Victoria – no further applications

This big beautiful teddy bear of a boy is Henry.

Henry wants to love you and snuggle with you and be with you as much as he can.

He is looking for a home with humans that are around a lot, either retired or work from home ongoing, not just through covid. He has partial hearing loss, so can get a bit noisy when he talks (he can’t hear how loud he is) so apartment living isn’t really for him.

A grown up, dog savvy, calm house to relax and laze his days away is what he wants most of all. Henry does not want a home with cats or small children, he likes his space, doesn’t like little people or animals in his face and will tell them so.

This boy loves, loves, loves food, rides in the car, food, pats and cuddles and sleeping – he lives for all of it. He is quite the social butterfly, all big humans can pat him as a matter of urgency, but again he does not like little people or other animals in his face. He get along well with other quiet calm dogs, noisy over playful dogs can get him quite agitated .. he wants to play but it can be a little overwhelming for him. He can get jealous too if he is on the couch with you and someone tries to steal his thunder, so if you have another dog, a slow introduction will be needed and sensible supervision.

Henry is toilet trained but will need a little help with positive reinforcement and patience in a new environment. He can understand hand gestures once you have his attention, to help with his training, with his low hearing.

Of a night Henry has his little routine that he needs to do to be able to sleep through the night. A little snack please as he pops into his crate, with his favorite blanket to curl up and snooze the night away. His crate needs to be in a nice quite space and covered with a blanket for him to feel snug and secure. He currently has his crate in his foster carer’s laundry, he knows where it is and he also knows that he can get a treat before bed and tries to be sneaky and run off if he is lured in with a “fake” treat. Very switched on doggo.

Medical Notes

Henry has a couple of medical issues that are being managed and causing no major issues to his every day life. Please read the below carefully and take into account the costs of treatments which are approximately $90 to $100 a month.

Henry has recently had an MRI and it has shown a very mild Chiari Malformation. This presents itself with some minor head tilting and ear scratching for which Henry is now on a daily dose of Losec to keep under control.

Henry also has Visco Tears in the morning and evening for his dry eye and this is working well for him without needing to upgrade to Optimune at this stage.

He is having a daily dose of Metacam for an ongoing elbow issue for pain management, this along with shorter walks and lazy days in the yard or on the couch have kept Henry’s pain under control.

One thing Henry doesn’t have is a heart murmur, this boys has a very strong heart and he is ready to love you with all of it.

Please consider the above medical issues thoroughly when completing an application for He

Location: Victoria – no interstate adoption
Age: 7yrs (on October 30th – Happy Birthday Henry!)
Adoption fee: $800 
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
Microchip number: Marley 956000004070684
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