ADOPTED – Charlie

Charlie is a sweet squishy boy who is looking for a forever home – please read medical Charlie 13-10-19notes before considering an application for Charlie.

His ideal home would have someone around quite a bit who can take Charlie on daily walks and make him an integral part of the family unit.  He would love a doggie brother or sister to play with as he is still very much the puppy and loves to play with toys and other doggies … oh and he is an absolute foodie.

He is cat curious, which could get him in trouble if your kitty is not a confident cat around dogs.  He loves going for walks and is wonderful on the lead and his toilet training is going well but he will need continual, consistent, positive reinforcement training, especially in new surroundings. He would be great with children of school age or higher who are dog savvy and polite, noisy children could be a little overwhelming for him.

He does like to try and sneak out the front door before you but with training and firm rules (and closed gates) he is learning to wait, but this is a work in progress… remember the above foodie comment.

Medical Notes
Charlie may only be 3yrs of age but he has a grade 3 heart murmur, this in no way effects him currently but in future years it will mean he will be in need of heart medications (vetmedin, etc) so this cost later on in his life is something you will need to consider.