Pumpkin and Cinnamon – No Further Applications

South Australia


Age: approx. 12 years

Desexed: Yes

Microchip: 978101081770606

Toilet trained: 90%

Medical: severe luxating patella’s, dry eye, MVD. Must remain on Rosehip Vital Canine for life.

Cinnamon is an incredibly sweet, beautiful little old lady, and is very highly likely Pumpkins biological mother- which is why these two ladies must stay together.

As all beautiful dogs get on in age, the importance of having access to multiple soft clean beds and a couch is high on hers and our list of priorities for her. She is confident in jumping/climbing up on a couch and having long naps.

Cinnamon has suffered a lot of neglect and therefore isn’t a super affectionate lady.  She lacks a lot of confidence, and needs to be allowed her space – which is why we won’t be rehoming her with young or boisterous children. She is in retirement after all and just needs a comfy clean and warm spot to call hers for the rest of her days without anyone bothering her. Cuddles and pats are on her terms, if she wants them, she will let you know.

Cinnamon definitely has some serious medical conditions that must be very seriously considered and understood.

She is on Pimobendan for her Grade 4 MVD, a very common condition in Cavaliers – we will be looking for someone with experience in managing and treating this condition and be able to afford the costs associated. She also suffers with dry eye, meaning she will need to be treated with Tacrolimus drops twice daily for the rest of her life- these drops are not cheap so please consider this when applying. The most confronting condition Cinnamon suffers from is severe luxating patella’s, literally the worst we have ever seen. We have had vet appointments and recommendations but ultimately Cinnamon is not a good candidate for surgical reconstruction due to her age and heart condition. She is also not a good candidate for wheels due to her age. Cinnamon is managing well on Rosehip Vital Canine and whilst it can be very confronting watching her legs as she walks, we are confident that she is in minimal to no pain (displayed in her two-legged dance routine at dinner time). She has flourished on this supplement in foster care and her future humans must continue with this for the rest of her life. This condition does mean that she is quite frail which is again why we will not be rehoming her with any young or boisterous children or other animals. She will not be able to be walked, instead her humans need to be ok with taking her out in a pram when exercising Pumpkin so she can still enjoy the change of scenery and all the new exciting smells in the world. She does enjoy walking around the garden and occasionally catching some sun in a nice soft spot on a warm day.

Like Pumpkin, Cinnamon really isn’t afraid to let you know when her meal time has come around. She will bark and even do a cute little dance for her breakfast and dinner *and snackies of course*. And for such a tiny petite girl she sure has a big voice on her (just like Pumpkin) so her humans must be ok with her barking when she has things to say.

Again, just like Pumpkin, Cinnamon needs patience and love from her forever humans, she requires consistent positive reinforcement and definitely not anyone that will reprimand her. These girls are timid but growing in confidence so they will definitely not be adopted to anyone who will impede this progress. These girls have likely seen the very worst of humanity. It is up to us to find them their PERFECT forever home where they will only ever know love and genuine care.


Age: approx. 2.5 years

Desexed: Yes

Microchip: 991003000770431

Toilet trained: work in progress

Medical: luxating patella surgery completed, potential surgery required on other leg in future. Dry eye – requires tacrolimus. Must remain on Rosehip Vital Canine for life.

Pumpkin is most definitely a 2-year-old baby. She has an incredibly sweet personality and not a mean bone in her body.

Her favourite thing in the world is her very own soft toy collection of at least 20 – squeakers are mandatory and must be destroyed as a matter of priority. She carries and plays with soft toys at every opportunity she gets, so a person that will fund this habit and join in games with her and for her is a must. She absolutely thrives on cuddles and will very gladly accept and even insist on getting cuddles on a permanent basis from trusting loving humans. Her forever humans need to allow her to sit on the couch with them and love cuddles as much as this sweetheart, and even be obliging with carrying her for cuddles as well. 

Pumpkin had a rough beginning, surviving neglect from a very young age, which means that she lacks confidence in some areas. But this is changing every day and she warms to her new happy life. Whilst she has absolutely blossomed in foster care and adores playing with her foster siblings, she has shown fear towards some men, so any introductions to new people (particularly men and children) will need to be at a slow and steady pace that will allow her to understand that there are good people in her world. For this reason, we will not be rehoming Pumpkin with young or boisterous children.

Pumpkin loves her food and isn’t afraid to tell her human so, she will often bark for her meals so the humans of the household don’t forget to feed her. And she isn’t afraid to push others out of their bowls to finish their food too – she is subtle about it though, not aggressive at all. She CANNOT be allowed to become overweight due to her patella issues and potential future heart condition. She is an absolute angel on walks though, so keeping her fit and mobile won’t be an issue. She requires 30 mins of light to moderate exercise each day.

Pumpkin’s toilet training is still a work in progress and requires further one on one positive reinforcement in order to perfect this. She will not be placed with anyone who will reprimand her, she will not cope mentally with being “told off”. She requires patient people who will spend the time encouraging her and giving her positive guidance.

Pumpkin has had surgery to repair a severely luxating patella and may require surgery to her other rear leg in the future, her forever humans need to be comfortable in displaying that they can afford this along with her ongoing dry eye treatment. Tacrolimus is not cheap, so please factor the cost in when you consider your application. Pumpkin is also genetically prone to being diagnosed with Mitral Valve Disease in the future – please research this condition before considering your application.

Please consider everything we have taken the time to explain about these beautiful little girls before placing your application. 

Location: South Australia – no interstate adoption and will not be separated.
Adoption fee: $1200 (for both) 
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
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