Indi came to Cavalier Rescue an underweight little girl, in desperate need of medical attention with a herniated uterus.

With her medical work complete, lots of couch time and bed hogging, and working on her trust and basic training, it was time for Indi to find the perfect humans to help continue with this and be her forever … This is where new mummy, Jenna, came in:

“I’m so fortunate that this little angel come into my life. It took a lot of patience love and care to get her to the happy, playful place she is today. Instead of living her life in a cave she now enjoys cuddling up in bed watching Animal Planet with her fur sister. Thank you to the incredible team at Cavalier Rescue, you saved her life and gave me such an amazing gift.”

New Mummy
Indi & Mummy
Herniated Uterus