ADOPTED – Hugo & Louisa

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Hugo and Lou Lou are looking for an active family with a nice big secure yard for them to spend forever in.

They are looking for a home where their new humans will be home quite a bit, retired, work from home, and humans who are quite active to take them on good walks at least once a day.

Lou Lou is a gorgeous 10 year old black poodle who loves to play! Since being treated for arthritis, she has a new lease on life and thinks she’s a puppy again! Her favorite pass time is chasing balls around however tug-o-war comes a close second. Lou Lou is a smoocher who loves her pats, especially behind the ear. Lou Lou makes friends easily and is very well behaved on her walks!

Hugo is a beautiful 6 year old Blenheim cavalier King Charles. He is bigger than expected however has a very gentle personality. Hugo loves being around people, he loves the attention of kids and will sit with them contently as they cuddle him and fuss over him. He is not a huge game player and would much prefer to find his teddy and lay around on the couch if he’s aloud. Hugo loves heading out for a walk and meeting new people! He has very good social skills and doggy manners are on point.

Hugo and Lou Lou are a bonded pair, They work well as a team and although do not spend every minute together, know where each other is. There are odd occasions when Hugo and Lou Lou argue however this is generally over Lou Lou trying to steal Hugo’s teddy. Lou Lou is the leader and Hugo is generally happy with this. To separate them creates a lot of noise from Hugo.

They are not suited to a home with cats or birds, and are best suited to school aged children or older, and a home where they can sleep indoors together of a night.

Louisa has finished a course of cartrophen to help with a little arthritis, and she is feeling wonderful.  Continued use of joint care supplements would be recommended.

Age: Hugo 6yrs, Louisa 10yrs
Adoption fee: $800
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes
Microchip number: Hugo – 900012000796688  Louisa – 982009106126353
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