CJ came to Cavalier Rescue in, having skin issues that had been left untreated, he was in a terrible state and needed urgent treatment.


After getting his skin issues under control, and giving him lots of TLC, he was ready to save a human:

“Gorgeous little CJ stole my heart in January 2016.  He had massive shoes to fill but has been such an unbelievable gift and I can’t imagine life now without him.  I can never thank Cavvie Rescue enough for being there for my little man when he needed it the most.

CJ is definitely a home-body.  His preference is to sleep rather than be out and about with the masses.  He has the most amazing knack for falling asleep and snoring (who thought something so loud could come out of something so small?) within a couple of seconds no matter where he is.  A skill that is most envied!

CJ is the poster boy for lap dogs.  He is at his happiest when it’s just the two of us hanging out on the couch watching TV.  He has however been expanding his horizons of late, participating in sleep overs and small road trips, even accompanying his ‘horse-brother’ to a horse show!

He has such a quiet, relaxed way about him but definitely has his little idiosyncrasies.  He can find his voice in a ‘crisis’ – his scary reflection in the window; the daily visit from our neighbour’s cat; the food in his bowl is little different from the day before!  He is such a beautiful soul with so much love to give to those he adores.  I love him to bits and he deserves to live a life full of cuddles and tail wagging!”.