It’s hard to ask for help…

There are times when we have money in the bank and we don’t have to think about saying yes to a cavalier that needs us … sometimes I lose sleep and wonder how we will make things happen, because saying no is really not in our vocabulary.

Weeks like this can have me on edge:

  • Two dogs to be transported into care
  • Charlie’s monthly medication due
  • Two of our forever foster cavvies crossed the rainbow bridge and cremation costs on top of their previous monthly medical costs
  • Double patella waiting to happen on Shaggy
  • Nellie needing a dental
  • Cooper having an ear infection and haematoma in his ear that needed draining…

Now this is nothing compared to other rescues I know, but for us this is huge, and wondering where we can magically make money.

PetRescue bombard every single site visitor to their site with a plea for money to rescue pets… No money goes to rescues to help with surgical costs, medication costs, etc, the majority of funds raised goes to staff costs (dream job, get paid to rescue …. wait, they don’t actually rescue either).

Petrescue Tax

If you want to help rescue … donate directly to groups, go to their websites or Facebook pages and make sure those dollars go directly to pets in need.

To help Cavalier Rescue continue to help see our Donate Page

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  1. Hi KathrynHappy to help and will do a donation. I will check but think I set up a monthly donati

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