What’s been happening?

We’ve been a little quiet on the socials in the last couple of weeks, not the same story at News SundayCavvie Headquarters unfortunately, but we are back.

We’ve had a few newbies in, and a lot of vetwork happening and needing to happen. We welcomed Shaggy last week, this week we welcome Charlie. Both Shaggy and Charlie are in need of further vetwork, one needing double patella surgery and the other coming in with a grade 3+ heart murmur at only 11 months old. More on those bubs during the week and on our fundraising for their treatments.

A couple of thank you’s one to Danielle at Pawfect Pinups Grooming Salon in Broadford for giving LouLou a make over – I feel like Oprah doing a make over reveal. Also a big thank you to Deidre from Mutts Cutts for the much needed donation of towels and doggie jackets … for the trendiest cavvies in winter  These beautiful humans details are in the comments if you are looking

for a wonderful groom for you cavvie.

We will have lots of fun things on Socials this week, here, on Instagram and on our Website, so make sure you are all over us and we will have lots of cavvie love for you all, including Trivia Night and Christmas Party news.

Stay Warm

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