Happy Easter … but you can be better.

There is nothing nicer than coming home from a very long day at work, gotta pay the bills somehow, to an email to let me (and all other rescues on Petrescue) know, as a rescue what a crap job we are doing.

It is our fault (rescue groups) that people are going to pet shops and gumtree, etc, ….. hhhmmmm

I’m going to give a little tip right here for the marketing team (who take up some of the millions of dollars in salaries paid last financial year) How bout you start by redesigning your sites, so the first thing people don’t see is the Enquire Now button, without reading the full profile of the adoptee.Petrescue Post

A lot of people are heartbroken to hear that they are not a match with a dog, or their medical issues are beyond their financial capability, as they are probably so bloody excited over the cute little face and only see and enquire now button! (we can’t blame you for falling for the cute).

It takes a lot of time to respond to those emails, and we try our bloody hardest to get to every single one, but sometimes time is being taken up organising transport, getting dogs out of pounds, driving to vet visits, mopping the floor for the 15th time, or picking up your 5th dog poo for the day… all unpaid, after working a real job. We are only human.

Great work by their marketing team on getting lots of advertising dollars and donations highlighting the Donate button (where their own rescues are, I’m unsure), and none of which goes to any of the groups they have told how shit they are.

We will all struggle on to pay vet bills, and work our hearts out raising funds to do what we do, seemingly to keep PetRescue in jobs….. but not for this group, moving forward we will only use our website and Facebook for advertising our bubs in need.

Happy Easter everyone, I’m going to mop the floor … again.

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