Are older dogs worth less?

Are dogs worth any less just because they are old? Do people value a free dog?

People often ask for discounts, or for us to waive the adoption fee like other places. Unlike organisations the RSPCA or Lost Dogs Home for example, we don’t have millions of dollars sitting in the bank, and unlike shelters we don’t get paid by the council to do what we do, it is all done via adoption fees, donations, fundraising and out of our own pockets.

If you don’t have the funds for an adoption fee, do you have the funds for any potential ongoing medical costs? What would you do in an emergency? We aren’t being rude to ask this, it’s a genuine question if you looking to adopt and take on the responsibility of a living being.

Would you treat humans this way, are our senior members of the community worth less just because they aren’t “young and healthy”? Are our disabled members of the community worth less because they aren’t your version of “normal” or they are “special needs”?

We live in a world of “I want” “I need” “it’s all about me” … well we are in a world of “it’s all about the doggy’s needs”. We don’t negotiate or do cheaper deals, senior dogs are living breathing beings that deserve to be treated with respect and dignity in their twilight years.Ricky

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