Mia – No Further Applications

Little Miss Mia is looking for humans to love unconditionally.

She is a spritely 10 years young and is on the hunt for a home with a cushy couch, fluffy bed to sleep in and lots and lots of food …. but we will be happy with a home that can keep an eye on her figure for her.

She loves to go for walks and would love a short daily walk or two with her humans. She is great in the car and would be an ideal coffee or brunch buddy. As she is a foodie, but will need a keen eye kept on her as she can overeat if allowed and could also hoover up a few things that possibly are not supposed to be eaten. She does have some mild anxiety which shows itself in the form of licking – she loves to lick. Medication is absolutely not needed here, a calm environment with humans around a lot, enrichment throughout the day and exercise have been working wonderfully for her.

Mia gets along wonderfully with other dogs and is a little cat curious but can generally take or leave them. She is very hard of hearing, she can feel vibrations on the floor and very loud noises but other than that, it is hand signals all the way for this sweet girl, so a very secure yard is perfect for her as she likes to potter in the outdoors.

She is gentle girl who is crate trained and will happily sleep through the night in her crate, but will also snooze the night away in a fluffy bed next to yours. Her toilet training is going well, but she will need lots of positive reinforcement training in a new environment – and as she is hard of hearing, watching her cues are key here.

Mia very much wants to be part of family life throughout the day and if you think you could be her new forever humans, please complete an application – link below.

Medical Notes
Mia has dry eye and is having tacrolimus drops twice a day.
She has also just had a full dental with a couple of extractions.
Mia has no heart murmur.

Location: Victoria – no interstate adoption
Age: 10 Years
Adoption fee: $800 
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
Microchip number: 900012000929649