Jerry – South Australia

He may not look like a Cavalier, but that didn’t stop us taking in this very special little guy in South Australia.

Jerry is a very small chap, weighing in at only 4kg. He is approx. 12 years old, but acts like a 5 year old.

Jerry had a pretty terrible start to life and was part of an RSPCA seizure along with many other dogs. He has not received any positive socialisation in his entire life, and has therefore been left with some intense behavioural problems. He totally lacks confidence, and does not trust anyone (except his foster mum), so life for him has to be very different to most dogs we rescue and rehome. We are ideally looking for a new home that has experience around dogs suffering with high levels of fear and lack of confidence. Jerry is more scared of men than women, this doesn’t mean he has to go to a home with no men, it just means the men of the household have to be calm, gentle and patient. Kids are also out for this guy, he needs a quiet home where he can slowly build his trust and confidence in his own time. He cannot be pushed to achieve milestones (a milestone for him is a baby step for others) and needs to be given the space and time to be able to work out his surroundings and what he is and isn’t comfortable with.

Jerry requires a very specific home, one that is quiet and MUST have another dog or two that he can learn from – these doggo siblings must be playful and overall very happy doggos. Jerry looks to other dogs for guidance, and he lllllloves playing so much once he does come out of his shell. Jerry will probably never be able to be walked and socialised like most other dogs, this means he needs to be comfortable in his new home environment and have a lovely garden he can trot around in. One of his favourite things to do is rub his tummy, especially on a lush green lawn. He has discovered the fun that soft toys can bring, and loves running around playing with his foster brothers and sisters. Due to the neglect Jerry arrived in the shelter with extremely matted hair and rotten teeth. As a result he was shaved and had a major dental that left him with absolutely no teeth, so he cannot be fed anything that requires chewing. This means soft foods and treats only, and in really tiny pieces so he can basically swallows everything whole. He has earned the name “Gummy Shark” in foster care as he loves to play like he has teeth.

We cannot stress enough that Jerry requires a quiet secure home, he is at risk of bolting if he is frightened so the property needs to be 100% secure for a very small dog (he is very very small and could fit through small gaps if he felt frightened enough). He needs a quiet spot (like a covered crate in a quiet room, eventually graduating to a bed in a quiet bedroom) away from sight where he can go and hide should he feel the need (e.g. when people come to the door, when guests are over). He cannot be in a house that throws parties or has a lot of people coming and going, he will not cope with that sort of activity. Jerry sleeps very happily in a shared bed with his fellow doggos next to the humans bed. Jerry is not an outside dog and must be allowed to sleep in the humans bedroom and on the couch.

Jerry has done really well with learning some basic rules of the house. He is pretty much toilet trained (this may need to be revisited with a change of environment/household). He has found his voice in foster care and isn’t afraid to use it when he wants something J He’s not a huge fan of being picked up, and will in time enjoy cuddles and one on one time with a kind, calm, gentle human or two.

Please understand that Jerry’s needs come first, and this means there may be a number of disappointed applicants. But we are looking for Jerry’s PERFECT forever home where he will be loved and allowed to be himself. Yes we might be being picky, but this boy has had enough disappointment in his life, we are here to make sure that never happens again.

Toilet trained – yes

Medical Notes
No teeth – soft nutritious food only (no canned rubbish, or dry food)

Behavioural Notes
Severe lack of confidence – very likely he will not cope with leaving the house and going for walks – has to be comfortable at home and must be rehomed with other playful happy dog/s.

Location: South Australia – no interstate adoption
Age: 12 Years
Adoption fee: $500 
Desexed: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Wormed: Yes
Heartworm treated: Yes 
Microchip number: 991003000770369
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